The International Center is based on the department of Information Technologies and Systems, of Cybernetics Institute named after V.Glushkov NAS of Ukraine and UNESCO International Research and Training Center of Informatics. The the International Center team has been created for 40 years and nowadays at the International Centre are more than 30 Doctors of Science, 100 Candidates of Science, Academician of NAS of Ukraine, 23 scientists are elected to the various foreign and specialized academies. International Center carries out its activities in the Cyber Center of NAS of Ukraine structure. The Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,  headed by Oleksandr Volkov.

The main direction of the International Centre research and development is the information technologies and systems creation. The basic ideas of the research areas were formulated by V. Glushkov and described in the monograph “Fundamentals of Paperless Informatics” which was published in 1982. A set of mathematical tools and ideas related to the problems of informatization is presented in it. Glushkov and his followers prepared the community to accept the ideas of informatization.

A team of scientists led by V. Gritsenko, in his monograph “Information technology: the development and application” (1988) examined the nature of information technology, its brief history and perspectives, on analysed the application and trends of development both hardware and software of computer science.

The International Center scientists preserve and develop the scientific heritage of world science luminaries who they had the honor to work.


Outstanding scientists V.GlushkovN.Amosov, A. Dovgjallo, V. Mikhajlevich, Y. Antomonov, A. Ivakhnenko, L. Aleev, A. Bakayev laid the foundations of scientific areas for the International Centre research and development.

Corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Volodymyr Hrytsenko, a leading scientist in the field of information technologies, headed the International Center for almost 25 years, made a significant contribution to the development of informatics, the organization of scientific research, and the establishment of the International Center as a recognized scientific institution not only in Ukraine, but also abroad


The new challenges complexity in the field of economy, industry, national defense and social services, education and health that are associated with meaningful information processing has determined the creation of innovative tools such as intelligent information technologies and computers which are able to operate and carry out creative thinking.

As the result of research in this direction scientific basis of information technologies and computer creative thinking intellectualization was formed.

At the International Center the researches and development on relevant areas of informatics are being actively developed: a general theory of intelligent computer technologies and systems development, the methods and means development of information technologies and systems intellectualization, implementation of integrated information technologies research; the creation of system information technologies, the development of the intelligent learning systems theory, as well as computer educational technology and the means of the dialogue intellectualization in a computerized environment; the development of new information technologies for biology, medicine and ecosystems.

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