Young Scientists’ Board was established at the general meeting of the International Center in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Basic directions of the Young Scientists’ Board activity:

  • coordination of the activity among all the young scientists of the Centre;
  • organization as well as coordination and cooperation ensuring amongst young scientists in Ukraine and abroad;
  • liaising with Ukrainian and foreign universities and research institutions to conduct joint symposiums and workshops;
  • organization of scientific schools and conferences;
  • conducting entertaining and sporting events;
  • providing organizational and methodological assistance in scientific researches and publication of their results;
  • representing and standing upon young scientists’ rights at the level of the Center, the department Bureau, the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the state in general;
  • providing information on current personal scholarships, prizes, grants et al.

Board of the Council of Young Scientists
Head of the Council of Young Scientists – N.S. Dmytro Volosheniuk.
Deputy Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists for Scientific Work – N.S. Sergey Bondar.
Scientific secretary of the Council of Young Scientists – Volodymyr Simakhin.

Associate members of the Board with advisory voting rights in the Council of Young Scientists:

  • Representative of the administration of the International Center – Ph.D. Kateryna Sinytsia,
  • Deputy director for scientific work; representative of the trade union committee of the International Center – Ivan Yakovenko, head of the primary trade union organization of the International Center.

For all questions regarding the activities of the Council of Young Scientists, contact: Akademika Glushkova Ave., 40, Kyiv, 03680 MSP, Ukraine, building #7, rooms 254, 260, 261 or by phone: 044-503-95-46. E-mail: Volosheniuk –; Cooper –; Simakhin –

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