Coordinating activity of the International Centre is aimed at:

  • research implementation;
  • introducing the results of research and development into the real sectors of the economy;
  • functions of the base organization for a number of priority areas in informatics and information technology;
  • functions of the basic organization of the Technical Committee for Standardization TC-20 “Information Technologies”;
  • functions of the National Coordinator of the Intergovernmental UNESCO Programme Information for All.

Coordinating activity of the International Center is realized in a collaboration with leading academic institutions NAS and MES of Ukraine. First of all, cooperation is carried out with the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Ministry of Economy, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Health Service.

Proactive coordination activity is carried out within the framework of the International Workshop Partten ComputerInterregional Workshop Advanced Training Technology and Educational Space, research seminars of the Scientific Senate NAS of Ukraine on the “cybernetics” issue, the operation of physical and mathematical school Zhukino.

In the framework of international coordination efforts at the national level, director of the Center, NASU corresponding-member, Professor V.Gritsenko serves as a member of the National Commission of Ukraine for UNESCO, is the permanent representative of Ukraine at the UNESCO General Conference. In connection with the inclusion of Ukraine into the Executive Council of the Intergovernmental Programme of UNESCO Information for All, director of the Center, UNESCO Chairholder, NASU corresponding-member, Professor V.Gritsenko was elected to represent Ukraine in the Executive Board.

In collaboration with UNESCO coordination work is being held with the structures of UNESCO Executive Council, the governing board of major programs, representatives of the National Commissions to discuss UNESCO strategic directions, including the strategic directions of information technologies and systems development.

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