State Target Scientific and Technical Programme Pattern Computer. SSTP Partten Computer.

The State Scientific Technical Program The Pattern Computer is approved by the Cabinet of Ukraine decision No 1652 November 8, 2000 and approbated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No 58 January 27, 2010.
Programme authority is the International Center.

The Pattern Computer Programme is focused on creating new high science intensive information technologies with the elements of human intellect that can understand human speech, see and perceive the objects of the environment, to operate knowledge. These technologies allow to create qualitatively new types of computers to solve complex problems that it is unattainable by modern traditional means.

UNESCO Intergovernmental Information for All Programme (ІFAP).

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine pointed the International Center to be the National Coordinator of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Information for All Programme by its decree No 969 July 28, 2004.

The International Center as the National Coordinator of ІFAP, operates under the general recommendations of UNESCO in the establishment and development of the information society, information and communication systems. The National Coordinator is made responsible for tasks aimed at implementation in Ukraine of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Information for All Programme.

EU Seventh Framework Programme Marie Curie (2008-2012).

The program was approved on February 1, 2008 by the European Union. Registration number PІRSES-GA-2008-230858. Participants of the program are: Poland, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, UK, Ukraine, Russia. The purpose of the program is causes investigation of the cardiovascular and muscular systems violations during occupational activities. Under this program, the International Center is implementing the project Risk Factors of Occupational Diseases – Assessment and Prevention Methods.

Plan of National Standardization.

Plan of the national standardization is annually approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and Ukraine State Consumer Standard.

The International Center hosts the Technical Committee for Standardization TC-20 Information Technologies. TC-20 provides the areas formation and development of scientific and technical policy of Ukraine in the field of information technologies, introducing international standards into national standards, the synthesis of international experience of other countries in the standardization of information technologies to implement it in Ukraine. TC-20 is an active member of several subcommittees of the International Organization for Standardization, International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO / ІEC) of the European Organization for Standardization (CEN) and the European Committee for Standardization in electrical engineering (CENELEC).
tel. 38 044 526 63 44.

The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Informatization Programme.

The program is approved by a decree No 146 February 27, 2004 of NAS of Ukraine Presidium.

The main goal is to ensure effective implementation of statutory provisions NAS of Ukraine by using modern information technology, automation and computer technology for the creation, development and integration of all categories of digital resources NAS of Ukraine based on a unified conceptual framework.

The International Center is implementing the project Creation and Implementation of Information and Software Complex Hospital for Scientists NAS of Ukraine.

Contact person – Alexander Kovalenko, tel. 38 044 503 95 62.

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