The most important results of basic and applied research in the field of cybernetics, computer science, bioecology medicine, the theory of computer training and experience of using them to solve actual problems in the economy, industry and social environment are published in professional domestic and foreign publications. A series of monographs are issued:

  • V. Gritsenko, М. Vovk, A. Kotova, V. Belov, L. Kozak, Bioecology Medicine. Single Information Space. (Kyiv, publishing house Аcаdemperiodyka, 2001, 318 pp.).
  • V. Gritsenko, М. Vovk, A. Kotova Introduction into the Architectonics of Information Space. Models. Problems of Development. (Kyiv, publishing house Naukova Dumka, 2003, 167 pp.).
  • V. Gritsenko, S. Kudryavtseva, V. Kolos, Y. Verenich Distance Learning: Theory and Practice. (Kyiv, publishing house Naukova Dumka, 2004, 375 pp.).
  • М.Shlezinger. Reissue of the monograph Computation Imaging and Vision. Ten Lectures on Statistical and Structural in Russian «Десять лекций по статистичному и структурному распознаванию образов». (Kyiv, publishing house Naukova Dumka, 2004).
  • A. Goltsev Neural Network with Ensemble Organization. (Kyiv, publishing house Naukova Dumka, 2005).
  • V. Gritsenko, A. Ursatyev Distributed Information Systems Wide Use. Concept. Experience of Developing and Implementing (Kyiv, publishing house Naukova Dumka, 2006, 320 pp.)
  • D. Lebedev, A. Tkachenko Navigation and Attitude Control of Small Spacecrafts (Kyiv, publishing house Naukova Dumka, 2006, 299 pp.).
  • V. Gritsenko, A. Kotova, М. Vovk, S.Kiphorenko, V. Belov Information technologies in Biology and Medicine. Lectures (Kyiv, publishing house Naukova Dumka, 2007, 384 pp.).
  • L. Faynzilberg Information Technologies for Processing of Complex Forms Signals. (Theory and Practice). (Kyiv, publishing house Naukova Dumka, 2008, 385 pp.)
  • A. Bakaev, V. Gritsenko, І. Sakunova Simulation Models and Research Methods of Logistics Systems Material Flow (Kyiv, publishing house Logos, 2009, 212 pp.).

Such form of publications, as joint monographs of the International Center research fellows with universities and institutes researchers of foreign countries is developing in publishing:

  • E.Kussul, T.Baidyk, D.Wunsch Neural Networks and Micro Mechanics, (USA, publishing house Spring, 2009).
  • T.Baidyk, E.Kussul Redes neuronals, vision computacional and micromecanica (publishing house «ІТАСА» – UNAM (National Autonomous university Mexico, 2009)
  • І.Savchenko, L.Godlevsky, O.Daierbekov, U.Baizak, A.Kovalenko and others Telemedicine technologies in healthcare, publishing house South Kazakh Medical Academy, (Kazakhstan, Shymkent).

International Center constantly publishes Journal «Control System and Computers» (USiM), founded in 1972, and Journal «Cybernetics and Computer Engineering», founded in 1965.

Thematic collections of scholarly works “Economic-mathematical modeling of socio-economic systems”, “Inductive modeling of complex systems”, “Advanced training technologies and educational space” are regularly published.

International Center holds international conferences and collection of their papers are periodically published too.

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