In the structure of the International Center operates physical-mathematical school, which actively promotes further development of fundamental and applied research in the field of new information technologies and systems, coordination of research, training of scientific personnel, involvement in science gifted students, the expansion of international scientific relations.

Seminar on Pattern Computer was organized by Professor V. Gritsenko and Professor M. Schlesinger in March 2000 as the scientific coordinating body at the International Center. The seminar was intended to determine the objectives, research trends and consider the results of work in SSTP Pattern Computer. Nowadays seminar is an international, and his subjects have extended considerably.At the meetings the fundamental and applied results in the field of intelligent information technologies, intelligent control, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, computer creative thinking and many other urgent problems of computer science are discussed. Seminar examines not only the theoretical results and determines the range of their most effective practical use in today’s information society. Meetings of the scientific seminar take place twice a month at the address: Kyiv, 40,Academician Glushkov avenue, building 11, room 30.

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